Green Passion Skin Care Products by Quantum Healthcare International Pty Ltd contain Mucopolysaccharides, which constitute the ground substance in the dermal layer of the skin. These agents contain water-binding properties, which form a gel-like substance able to penetrate and provide support for the Elastin and Collagen already there.
Mucopolysaccharides are used in cosmetic preparations but sparingly, because of costs.

However, Quantum has perfected a method of harnessing the unique properties of these molecules, which when used in conjunction with herbal extracts and natural oils, provide a nourishing and vitalizing base for skincare products.

Quantum Skin Care Products have been thoroughly researched and refined using the Mucopolysaccharides as the Cornerstone on which an original and high quality range of skincare has been founded.

No Soap Acids

Another important feature of Quantum creams is that no soap acids (stearates) are used to aid absorption. The creams simply disappear into the skin tissues with no foaming or lathering.

Not only does the range comprise total care and protection of the skin within a price structure for everyone, it has been designed for all climatic conditions.

Green Passion Skincare represent a new generation of products, which respect the needs of today's person. The products do not promise miracles, only results, a promise we can keep if our products are used with commitment and knowledge.