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Green Passion™ by Quantum Healthcare International Pty Ltd offers the world's leading edge nutrient and healthcare products. Using results of many years of research by scientists and herbalists the world over, our Company has established itself in the forefront of product quality, benefits and integrity.

Green Passion™ aims to forge new horizons in product development for health, nutrition and personal care, using its wealth of knowledge and experience, and an active research role in the production of new products, herbal remedies and formulae.

We only produce natural products, manufactured to strict international production and ethical standards. We manufacture out of Australian government TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) certified manufacturing plants. Now using state-of-the-art technologies, these superior products are available directly, so that you can share in their benefits and advantages and achieve better personal well being.

We are committed to enhancing the presence of our business by opening new opportunities for affiliates that will provide products, information, training and local customer/client support. If anyone have an interest in joining our affiliate program or want to seek further informations please feel free to contact us via email or over the phone.

Years of extensive research has resulted in this therapeutic, natural and superior range which will leave you with healthy, well-nourished skin and better well-being.

Simple to use
99.9% herbal ingredients natural to the skin
Corrects, heals and prevents skin blemishes
Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal
Anti-inflammatory and therapeutic
Rejuvenates and refines skin texture
Suitable for all skin types, young & old, men & women
No alcohol, non-drying
Relaxing and soothing
Tones and stimulates new cell growth
Non-oily, leaving skin refreshed and nourished