Green Passion Healing Wound Cream

  • $59.00

An all organic Australian & Swiss revolutionary herbal formula. Green Passion Healing Wound cream is 100% natural. This healing cream provides your skin with soothing anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties which aid the skin to heal in its natural environment. Ideal for cuts, burns, bruises and rough skin, it is also great for effective relief of painful sunburn.

Recommended Use:

Apply cream to the affected area liberally, as often as required
Keep out of sun and store in a cool dry place.

Formulated in Switzerland

Made in Australia

Aloe Vera has long history of being used for medicinal purposes. Aloe Vera is a great way to keep your skin clear and hydrated, the plant’s leaves store water and these water-dense leaves makes it an effective face moisturiser and pain reliever. It is also effective in treating a variety of skin conditions, from flaky or dry skin, and cosmetic ailments.

Chamomile: Eases the blemishes and evens the skin tone, It has skin repairing, regenerating, and strengthening properties, keeping your skin young and refreshed. It can also help in removing Toxins, preventing infections, curing inflammation

Yarrow: heal wounds, removing toxins, improving skin (making it younger looking), treating skin abnormality and also being a tonic. One the world's most powerful natural astringents, It shrinks the skin and promotes skin healing. it controls sebum production. It also maintains skin's PH and tightens the skin, which helps prevent skin from early sagging.

Almond Oil: rich in Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc. Its benefits include: Smooth skin, treats skin rashes, Deep cleansing, reduce signs of aging

Crataegus: also known as Hawthorn: can relieving burns, acne, it can also reduce itching on wounds and skin conditions. Antioxidant content in hawthorn makes it useful for applying topically to the skin, particularly on burns, sores, or acne

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